The Kittiwake Trust

Who We Are

The Kittiwake Trust was set up in the UK as a constituted community group in 2009 and became a CIO in 2016 with Charity number 1165318.

We chose the kittiwake as our symbol as they have no permanent home. They live most of the year at sea and only come to the coast to breed. They nest on the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, which is thought to be the furthest inland they breed anywhere in the world. Our projects tend to be aimed at people who have no permanent home or in one way or another are on the edges of society through displacement, incarceration or simply through circumstance

What We Do

The Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library

We run a Multilingual Library in Eldon Garden, Newcastle where we have over 100 languages and around 15,000 books. We welcome parents to come along and read to their children in their own language. We hold Storytime events in different languages as well as language classes and conversations groups. Membership is £5 per year – free for refugees and asylum applicants. Professor David Crystal is Patron of the multilingual library.

Borderline Books

Our first ever project was Borderline Books which began in The Netherlands in 2001. We moved to the UK in 2006 where it has flourished. We collect books no longer needed by publishers, libraries, authors, agents and others and redistribute them free of charge to those without books via foodbanks, schools, prisons, women’s refuges, refugee organisations and community groups. Our work with prisons is now a major part of our work and will be expanded over the next months and years.

Peggy Seeger and Prof Michael Rosen are patrons of Borderline Books.

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